Team introduction

As a united and faithful team, we set the team philosophy of Intelligence, Manufacture, Creator after careful consideration and consent of all the members. We believe that the most important thing to participate in science and technology competition is the spirit of innovation. Through innovation, team members can make progress, the achievement will be more valuable than the experience accumulation. The word innovation can represent the needs and beliefs of all members of the team. The root of innovation is to use existing knowledge and skills to solve problems, propose better solutions, pursue higher efficiency and quality, and explore more suitable management and promotion methods for team needs. As a team, winning and participating in the World Championships is not our sole purpose, because at the same time the achievement we are pursuing is inventions. For us, technical improvements and management reform have great significance, are memorable inventions. We hope that after the game is over, looking back, we can save something that our team has created as invention. In the game, inspiration as a product of innovation and a prerequisite for inventions along with the game brought us the growth. Inspiration stems from the spirit of innovation and creates invention, is an indispensable turning point from Innovation spirit to innovation achievement, it is also the idea of mutual exchange between team members or teams in the game. Through participation and exchange, game as a medium, inspiration can be broadcasted and amplified by the game to enable it to evolve into more amazing achievements. Inspiration interspersed throughout the game, which is the starting point is also the goal.

Our team gathered the students who are Robot enthusiasts from Shenzhen Mingde Experimental School, although it is first time entering the arena, but our team members have their own areas of expertise and have also won a lot of awards. As the team develops, we will gradually attract more students to play their own strengths, roles, work together to achieve success!

About FRC

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is the longest and the most technically challenging competition in the four largest robot race hosted FIRST Robotics. It is an industrial robot race for all middle school students. FRC successfully combines the excitement of sports with the precision of science and technology. As of 2016 season, a total of 3100 + teams, 400000 + students and 200000+ volunteers in the world to participate in the competition, we can see the scale of its influence.



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